Monday Memorandum #5

26 Nov

Five more points from TCC’s Parent-Teacher Partnership Skills Session


“Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

                                                                                                                                                      Albert Einstein

5th of 5 Things Teachers Wish Parents Knew

  • We need your respect as individuals and professionals
    • Teachers not only have college degrees, but they must continue their education, resulting in at least a master’s degree and often a specialist or doctorate degree within a ten year period. Pretty impressive and pretty costly. They might not make as much as a lot of parents and they may not drive as fancy as cars. But they’re smart, dedicated, willing to work for less than they deserve and compassionate with our children. In return, let’s support them, root for them and show respect to their decisions, rules and regulations.


5th of 5 Things Parents Wish Teachers Knew

  • We’re learning, too…
    • At least teaching comes with a proven curriculum, practice and mentors!! Unfortunately, parenting does not. Just when we think we have our 3rd grader figured out, he becomes a fourth grader and a whole new set of rules apply! So let’s give each other a little flexibility and a little credit for learning together what is best for our kids.


5th of 5 Things Kids Wish We All Knew

  • You and what’s important to you isn’t the only things going on in their lives
    • When I was a young coach, I wanted to believe that my athletes put me and my sport before any other extra-curricular activities, friends or other sports. (Who am I kidding? I wanted them to put our team before their own families AND their school work!!). It wasn’t until later in my coaching career that I realized that the more outside interests they had (and I had, for that matter), the more synergy could be brought to our team. It works the same for our families. You may be a great hockey player, but have a kid who just doesn’t like to skate. You just might have to support his Forensic team efforts instead. By doing that, you just might find that you broaden your own horizons (and volunteer activities) by showing interest in his pursuits.


5th of 5 Things I Wish Parents and Teachers Knew

  • Be the adult in charge
    • If only this was as easy to implement as it is to write. It means: separate your own self-worth from that of your children. Be a parent or teacher and not a friend. Cool, calm and collected is the goal of real adults working with kids. Make sure you are the same adult every day. Kids who don’t know when the next angry outburst is coming or when your personality is going to change cannot possibly feel secure and it is the feeling of security  – consistency from those in charge – that allow kids to flourish.

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