Acronyms, Homonyms and Momsanyms

6 Jan

Let me begin by sharing that I am thoroughly trying to embrace electronics and social media as the way of the world for our children. While I may wish that there were simpler ways of communication (and less to teach them about the realities and darker side of cyberspace), I understand that they are here for good and that we have to teach and re-teach our children how to use these products productively.

I am a text message examiner, an instagram inspector and a music checker. There are things I call Ben’s attention to or have him delete. There are others that I let slide when I recognize that testing certain limits are part of growing up. Where music is concerned, for example, I clearly remember that when I was a teen growing up in the 70’s, references to political strife, drugs, overdosing and sex were actually as prevalent in lyrics as they are today (though not always as blatant).  As Ben is currently going through his rap phase of musical enjoyment, my rule is that when I’m around, only the PG version is allowed.

So, that said, let me share what went on in my home on a recent evening….

It was a typical school night a few days before Halloween and the group texting brigade was going strong; photos needed from the science book with the questions that someone forgot to bring home, discussions about what was required for language arts and lots of  ikr?, hahahaha, U2, ya u, cool, lol, kk and thx in-between.

When it was time for math homework, however, Ben had to leave his phone on the counter and sit in another room, where Gary was helping him understand something or another (I stopped helping Ben with math in third grade, which is when he surpassed my level of comprehension).   As they were working, Ben’s text’s continued to light up and I continued to follow the conversations.

That’s when I saw an exchange between Ben and his very good friend revolving around Halloween costumes.  Ben, along with every middle school boy in the United States was trick or treating in a ‘morphsuit’ (a one colored full bodysuit of unknown – to me – origins – they even have a FB page, I swear). The problem, however, was that Ben’s friend may have not been fully aware of its popularity and assumed that he would be the only wearing it and that Ben was stealing his thunder:








GFY….GFY? That’s a new one….GFY. Oh wait – GFY?

WH AT?! ? !? !?

I couldn’t believe my eyes….I automatically assumed that my young son had no problem telling his very good friend to go f@*! himself. I was stunned. Where did I go wrong? How did my 12 year old decide that he could disrespect a friend like that and be so crass? Did I contribute (that darn Pick-Up Line)? But even I never used a phrase like that.

Livid, disappointed beyond words, I wanted to cry, scream and totally ream him out. Somehow, I took my own advice (refer to the Game Day post of October 2012) and waited until he was done with his math.

It seemed like hours and by the time he came into the kitchen, I was seething and ready. I (not so calmly) showed him his text and started in on the whole, ‘if I ever, ever see this kind of thing on here again, I will….’

Ben looked at me in total surprise, his eyes brimming with fear and on the verge of tears. “Mom, what are you talking about? GFY means ‘Good for You’. What did you think I said?”

Oh. Well. Okay then….I realized that there was no way he could have thought something else up that quickly. I looked at him, admitted I thought the worst (and told him what I thought it meant).

He stared at me for a moment, shook his head and then started laughing at my crassness. I joined in his laughter for a moment, stopped abruptly, looked him in the eye and said “yes, but, if I ever, ever see anything like that, but meaning something bad, I will…And then the giggles continued…

However, the next day at the pharmacy check-out, I noticed a little spiral book called ‘Texting Dictionary of Acronyms’. Just to be sure. I braced myself, turned to the ‘G’s’ and there it was…..Good For You.

GGN….(look it up).

One Response to “Acronyms, Homonyms and Momsanyms”

  1. Becky Wesolowski January 8, 2013 at 8:53 pm #

    I was just hanging on the edge of my seat….too funny! I learned something new tonight 🙂 xoxo

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