Bloggers Block

8 Feb

For as many people as there are out there blogging, I am often amazed at how many can churn out their thoughts so seemingly effortlessly and frequently. Me? Not so much….

My friend Sarah, who is my manager/motivator/blog poster/supporter/former English teacher extraordinaire and tenacious nag, lights a fire under me when it’s time for a new post. It usually takes place via email and goes pretty much like this:

From: Sarah                                                                                                                                                                                                                         To: Terri                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Subject: Helloooo out there?!?!?

Helloooooo? Terri? Are you there Terri? It’s me, your bossy friend who nags you about your blog!!! I feel like that annoying neighbor who is trying to figure out if you are home by knocking and peeking in windows. Meanwhile, you are hiding out and ducking around corners hoping I can’t see you…

How’s the writing going? Want to blog about over-committing yourself? 🙂

Hope all is well – let me know when we can meet…it’s time!



Ps. On Saturday afternoon I was making YOUR chocolate chip cookie recipe, and James Taylor came on the radio. It was like you were controlling my universe for a second there… 🙂

From: Terri                                                                                                                                                                                                                          To: Sarah                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Subject: Leave me alone!!!!

Yeah, well, you are such a….I mean, I am trying to….I mean, all you do is nag, nag, nag….of course I’ve got nothing!

Well, because today I had a PD presentation (incredibly fun!!) in Dearborn and it was a very long ride with all the snow and everything.

Came home to write up a storm so you would quit bugging me, except for my sweet boy Jack (best cat ever), who had been to the vet twice last week with old age weight loss (why can’t that part happen to me?) and a respiratory infection was sneezing and wheezing again. Back to the vet we went. $147, just in case you were wondering.

Only to come home to a call from Ben to please come get him from school because, after having his head smashed last night while playing football in the house on the wood floor during the blackout at the Super Bowl, I sent him to school feeling kind of dizzy and achy, and now it was getting worse. To the doctor. Slight concussion. No biggie.

Except for, this is how every single day of my life has been for the past three weeks and I swear I’m going to hurt someone very soon.

So, tomorrow after Trader Joe’s (have you been to the new one yet – love it!), Pilates and my microderm, I will write and finish and get a grip. I SWEAR. My next thing will be fabulous and you will be so proud and thrilled that you’ll only wish you had something to nag me about.


Unless one of the dogs get sick.

Or Ben falls out of bed.

Or I decide to switch around my kitchen cabinets.

Or bake that new dark chocolate toffee recipe. (Dark chocolate is very good for you, Sarah!)

Or something.


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