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The Pre-Season Team Meeting – Coming Full Circle

19 Sep

Last night, I accompanied Ben to a meeting for boys interested in playing high school basketball this winter. Whoa – what a throwback for me! And what an incredible experience to be the parent in the crowd, listening to a coach, who sounded oddly familiar – almost as though he once sat through one of my own long ago pre-season meetings… Continue reading

The State of the Blog

18 Sep

** Hi Everyone, this is Sarah. I help Terri manage her blog, post things on twitter and try to keep things on here looking fresh and new. After a summer hiatus, we’re happy to be back!! We added a number of new followers (welcome!) last spring and over the summer, so we want to revisit some of your favorite pieces (and ours too!) to remind everyone what makes this blog uniquely TCC. So please let us know which piece was your favorite – send us a message here, or post on our Facebook page. As always, we love hearing from you!! Thanks for following, Sarah**

The State of the Blog

With the help of the fabulous Sarah – my ace administrator and nagger, I have produced this blog for a couple of years. Continue reading

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