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The Quest for High School ‘Cool’

22 Oct

As I mentioned in my last post, I am Running Away From Home(Coming)(, getting to the homecoming day and dance through the thick web of some parental micro-management was a real trip… It got me thinking about all the times I’ve wanted to write – but didn’t – about what drives certain kinds of parents. What makes them so willing to risk hurting and disregarding other kids and their own purportedly good friends by stepping on whoever’s toes they need to in order to propel their own children to that self-perceived (and by self-perceived I mean – not usually real) spot of ‘popularity’?


The time is definitely now. Continue reading

I Am Running Away From Home (Coming)

12 Oct

Well, friends….Ben is a freshman in high school. He’s having fun so far (maybe too much fun between texting, oovoo-ing, tweeting, snap-chatting and keeping up with what seems like 17 Fantasy Football Leagues.) I am thankful and happy that he and his friends – old and newly found – are starting the year out well.

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The Brighter Side of the ‘Play Date’

7 Oct

A couple of months ago, there was some attention drawn to what I thought was a fairly humorous movement to do away with the ‘play date’ (One example: ). Bloggers and parents alike were weighing in on how planned-ahead play dates have ruined the spontaneity of running down the street and knocking on doors to find a friend, how inconvenient it is to have to be affable with some kids’ parents and even how structured play dates make kids unable to make up games and activities to combat their boredom. Continue reading

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