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The UP Side of Living with Teenagers

12 Mar

In the past several weeks, I have been with lots and lots of teens and their parents – a ski trip up north with few other families, a trip down south with my cousins, their children and their friends, a couple of basketball games and some family dinners with close friends. Continue reading

Living on the Farm in the City….

24 Feb

I am re-thinking our family motto –‘There is always room for one more dog’. As you might know from stuff I’ve written, we have six rescues – three dogs, two cats and a fish. It’s pretty labor intensive sometimes, but I am in love with all of them (even Charlie the fish), appreciate and empathize with each of their previous dower circumstances and I am committed to giving them the best lives ever.

That said, let me tell you about the last 24 hours… Continue reading

Bringing a Loved One to School – Part Three of Four: I MADE IT IN!!!!!

15 Feb

(Spoiler alert!! If you haven’t read Bringing a Loved One to School – Parts One and Two, you may want to take a peek before you read this post.)

Last Friday was Bring a Loved One to School Day again! Seems like it came up really quickly this year. And when that email came soaring through cyberspace, I was so excited! After all, I knew my sweet sensitive son was still feeling bad about nixing my entrance into school last year. He was probably so relieved that we would finally be able to share this special day, right? Continue reading

Acronyms, Homonyms and Momsanyms

6 Jan

Let me begin by sharing that I am thoroughly trying to embrace electronics and social media as the way of the world for our children. While I may wish that there were simpler ways of communication (and less to teach them about the realities and darker side of cyberspace), I understand that they are here for good and that we have to teach and re-teach our children how to use these products productively. Continue reading

He’s Not The Only One Conflicted About Growing Up

23 Nov

A few weeks ago was Halloween. In the morning, Ben received a text from his friend inviting him to come over after their half day at school to create a Haunted House for the kids who would be trick or treating there. He was excited to go and I thought it would be great to have my afternoon completely free. So, after school, he and a couple of other friends walked home and got busy on their project. Continue reading

My Kid Learned to Swear in the Drop-Off Line

18 Nov

I like to think of myself as a usually (sometimes) level-headed, rational person. But I become someone my poor son barely recognizes when it’s time to drop him off or pick him up from school….. Continue reading

Bringing a Loved One to School – Part Two

9 Oct

Scroll down to read Part One first!

I spent the ‘Bring a Loved One to School Day’ morning writing my blog and cleaning my house and having a bit of a pity party (I may have overeaten a little in my despair). After all, as I was leaving school, I saw several boys in Ben’s grade walk in with their Moms or Dads. I tried to keep it in perspective with respect to where my son was in the areas of confidence and outlook. I tried so hard not to take it personally! And I kept seeing his concerned, sad face when he asked if I was okay and if we could make it a date for next year, as he ushered me out the school doors. Man, did this sting!! Continue reading

Bringing a Loved One to School – Part One

9 Oct

Last Spring, Ben’s school hosted ‘Bring a Loved One to School Day’….I was the loved one leading up to it. And then, in the parking lot, my son turned to me with watery eyes and said  “Mom, I don’t want to hurt your feelings or anything, but I’m not sure I want you to come.” Wow…Talk about a zinger. I assured him I wouldn’t embarrass him, since I thought that was what he was afraid of. He assured me that wasn’t it. He just wasn’t sure how many other kids – especially boys – would be bringing their parents and he didn’t want to be one of the only ones. Continue reading

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