Rules to Live By

  •  Trash talk hurts a lot of people — including you. Recognize the difference between working something out, trying to understand a situation and senseless gossip.
  • Refuse to participate in negatives. Nod and know.
  • Look for what is right, instead of what’s wrong. Make 88% of your verbal communication positive.
  • Work to take the words ‘but’ ‘should’ and ‘could’ out of your vocabulary.
  • Breathe deeply, exercise daily and eat well.
  • Remove yourself from situations that will harm you — mentally and emotionally. Don’t feel bad about leaving negative people behind.
  • LIVE HONESTLY. Hang out with others who do the same.
  • Believe in yourself. Accept yourself and strive to make the most of every day and every situation.
  • Compliment others and mean it. Look for the good in everyone.
  • Do your best. Think the best. And let go. 

Rules to Live By: The Next Set

  • Learn to take time between wanting to respond in any situation and actually responding.
  • Go to bed proud.
  • Negative feelings toward others will pass with time…refrain from hasty judgments.
  • Know the difference between venting and sorting.
  • Look inward for answers and not outward for excuses.
  • Remember that defensiveness usually means you’re guilty.
  • Make it unnecessary to be sorry.

Let people know you care about them.

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